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India: Two arrested on religious charges for Facebook comments

November 20, 2012

Indian police have arrested a woman for criticising on Facebook the total shutdown of Mumbai after the death of politician Bal Thackeray, as well as a friend who “liked” the comment.

The pair, both aged 21, were arrested for “hurting religious sentiments” and bailed on Monday afternoon by a court in the town of Palghar, north of Mumbai, Police Inspector Shrikant Pingle said.

“The police had sought 14 days’ judicial custody for the two girls,” he said….

“Her comment said people like Thackeray are born and die daily and one should not observe a ‘bandh’ (city shutdown) for that,” Police Inspector Uttam Sonawane told the Mumbai Mirror.


Especially since the deceased seems to have been a particularly nasty piece of work.

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  1. Fuck religion up the ass with a 500-mile dildo. This is what happens when we don’t have freedom FROM religion.

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