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Global: Religion 101 — when in doubt, make shit up

November 20, 2012

The next IPCC report will be based upon the updates to the SRES. Great, that’s fine. But note how they’re updating the SRES. They’re not starting with the economics. Ooooooh no, that would be far too sensible. What they’ve actually done is made up some emissions levels.

No, really, they have. They’ve simply plucked numbers from nowhere to give emissions levels. It’s in the future that they’re going to go back and work out the economics of how those emissions are produced.

Which is, of course, entirely insane.

Now, of course, it’s possible that I’ve got this completely wrong. If so please do tell me. But if I haven’t, if I’m actually correct, then the entire IPCC process becomes an entire heap of steaming donkey’s bollocks.

They have, quite literally, just made up the numbers that the whole thing’s based upon.

Tim Worstall


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