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Australia: Catholic Church keeps secret files on pedophile priests

November 17, 2012

Asked whether parents or police might have been interested in the files, a spokespriest said: “Oh, do you really think so?”

THE Australian Catholic Church holds thousands of pages of documents containing the psychosexual profiles of dozens of clergy accused of sexually abusing children and vulnerable adults.

The profiles, often sent to bishops, were created as part of the church’s little-known 1997-2008 rehabilitation program for those it described as ”sexual boundary violators”.

via SMH

  1. corio37 permalink

    Possibly one cannot choose whether or not to be a pedophile. But people who work with and employ pedophiles can choose what to do when they find out; and the Catholic Church has consistently chosen to react in ways which show no compassion for the victims and no respect for the law. As for ‘kids soon forgetting about it’, there are at least forty families bereaved by adult suicides in Victoria who will say that you’re wrong.

  2. Pedophila tends to get hyped up by media sensationlism, rather than genuine indepth analysis of how pedophiles can be supported and helped. The media is only interested in beating the public into a frenzy and encouraging them to call for blood. Years ago the answer was to warn kids of Mr so and so, and “if”€ anything happened a big issue was NOT made of it, and the kids soon forgot about it. These days everything is blown out of all proportion, and the kids are more traumatised by their parents making a big issue of it and getting the police involved and going to court, than the actual pedophile event itself. There is a very wise old saying “€œLeast said, soonest mended”€, which use to be the maxim when I was a kid.One cannot choose to not be a pedophile, like sexual orientation, or a myriad of different fetishes, the brain is wired that way. None of these is something one really choose, no one can help how they are sexualy aroused and feel about these things, the same goes for pedophiles, therefore sending sex offenders to jail will do nothing to help the sex offender, what they need is support and understanding, which is what I aim to do at Range Court in Mullaloo with my support group called Second Chance. I would be happy to help anyone set up a simmilar support group in your area, feel free to message me @ either of my facebook pages or Remember: Condemn no one. If you can stretch out a helping hand, do so. If you cannot, fold your hands, bless your brothers, and let them go their own way

  3. corio37 permalink

    Agreed. In some ways the most disturbing aspect of all this is the puerile and childish responses by Church personnel. It just shows to what extent their bizarre recruitment practices and falling membership has undermined any claim on the part of Catholic administration to even normal levels of intelligence or compassion. If there ARE any sane and rational people remaining in the Australian Catholic priesthood — other than Father Bob MacGuire, perhaps — then they need to declare themselves now.

  4. Rob permalink

    Archbishop Wilson Quoted as stating numbers of Abuse claim declining in spite of record number of Cases being listed.
    As a result of the NSW Wood Royal Commission, the then spokesman for the Catholic Church, Father Brian Lucas, gave a commitment “the establishment of Encompass Australia by the Church in association with the University of New South Wales to provide treatment facilities for offenders (1997 Wood Royal Commission Para 1.91 Pg 1007).
    Opened in 1997 by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and the Australian Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutes, Encompass treated more than 1,100 people, 250 of them in an intensive six month residential psychosexual program, according to its final newsletter.
    Interestingly according to the Australian Bishops Conference there were 4206 Male Clergy (including Brothers of Religious Orders) in Australia in 2005 according to Australian Catholic News.
    Thus over 25% of Male Clergy had reason to be treated for Psychosexual issues, which according to the Collins Dictionary defines as “of or relating to the mental aspects of sex, such as sexual fantasies “.
    In the USA where a number of Diocese have chosen to list Perpetrators, the highest percentage has only been declared as 10% according to independent sources.
    There have been numerous studies about the Psychosexual Development of Clergy, and whilst these findings are informative, the fact remains that a large number of these Men Of God had reason to seek Treatment.
    The Centre that was located at Kincumber on the NSW Central Coast, which is in the Diocese of Broken Bay, was closed by Bishop Wilson in 2008 on the basis that a cost of $200,000 per annum was too expensive, according to former Board Member Timothy O’Hearn. Bishop Wilson was quoted at the time in the Australian Catholic News as stating, “Encompass was a structure that served well when its services were in higher demand, but it was no longer viable.”
    The church appears to not have learnt anything about the effects of historical Abuse on survivors with the Church continuing to seek to defend accusations on the Sargent Shultz approach, “I Know Nothing”.
    The Church has appeared to move away from denial of events occurring, to a stance of denial of Responsibility, even when faced with gross negligence of maintaining Clergy in ministry or in the employing of convicted Paedophiles.
    This is taking the “All care and no responsibility” to the extreme.
    The readers may be aware of the Ellis Defence, being that the Catholic Church as an entity does not exist, and this was again attempted in a recent Supreme Court defence but was declined by the Courts. However under a Judge in the NSW Supreme Court a matter was dismissed against the Archdiocese of Sydney as “disclosing no reasonable cause of action”. Simply meaning that as the action was against a religious order, the Patrician Brothers in this instance, that the Archdiocese can not be held responsible as it was not a Diocesan school at the time of the abuse.
    The veil of Smoke and Mirrors has been used again.
    As a student of the Catholic School structure, we have been taught to proudly state when an error has been made and take our punishment. Time for the powers at be to apply the same.
    Excuses given by the Catholic Church over time to victims and the community:
    • We are all victims here.
    • Look Ma, they did it too!
    • But the (Anglicans, Mormons, Baptists and Scouts) are in trouble also.
    • It’s just a few bad apples.
    • These are all old claims.
    • What about our good work?
    • Blame the Victims.
    • Blame the Media.
    • Trying to protect the privacy of the Victims.
    • You Misunderstood.
    • You encouraged it.
    • We are doing everything possible.
    When these excuses do not work, the use of trusts and the hiding behind corporate structures are applied.
    Simple, who employed them, who supervised them, who paid them, someone somewhere is responsible. There is not one church at present they are all clambering over each other to avoid responsibility.
    Forget the SS Titanic, watch the Catholic Church under the Mismanagement, of Revs Pell, Lucas and Wilson.
    This is not the Church that Jesus designed.
    “But whoever shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matthew 18:6

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