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Australia: Molesting priest blames God

November 14, 2012

David Edwin Rapson, 59, is accused of abusing boys between 1973 and 1990, including at the Salesian College Rupertswood in Sunbury where he was a teacher…

In a statement tendered today, one of the boys alleges he was molested by Rapson in the school infirmary when he was in year 10….

He said he saw Rapson, whom he called Brother Rapson, going to each bed and lifting up the blankets and making derogatory comments about the boys’ penises.

He alleges another priest came into to the room and asked Rapson what he was doing.

Rapson replied: “You know what we do here.”

To which the other priest said: “You’ve really got to resist.”

Rapson replied: “God made us this way and it’s his fault.”

The Australian

His morals may be questionable, but you can’t fault his theology.

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