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Egypt: Women oppressing women

November 11, 2012

The rise of the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt has brought with it a new group of female politicians who say they are determined to bring more women into leadership roles — and at the same time want to consecrate a deeply conservative Islamic vision for women in Egypt…

[I]n the new Egypt, if a woman does hold a high post, she’s most likely a member of an Islamist group. Morsi has appointed three women — two of them Islamists — to his 21-member team of advisers and aides. Of the six women on the 100-member assembly writing the constitution, three are Brotherhood members.

 Their vision is a world apart from that of liberal women’s rights activists, who fear that Islamist women in power will only carry out the Brotherhood agenda of implementing its conservative interpretation of Islamic law.

 Azza el-Garf, one of the Brotherhood women on the constitution-writing panel, said the “first” role of women in Egypt is “inside the family, as a wife and mother,” while politics or work comes second. “Women are responsible for raising the new generation … this means the future of Egypt is in our hands,” she told The Associated Press.

Calgary Herald

Doesn’t it all sound terribly familiar?


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