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Iran: Blogger tortured to death for Facebook comments

November 9, 2012

Iran has been accused of torturing to death a blogger who was arrested last week for criticising the Islamic republic on Facebook.

Iran’s cyber-police, known as Fata, picked up Sattar Beheshti from his home in Robat-Karim last week on suspicion of “acting against the national security” because of his online activities on social networking sites. He was then taken to Tehran’s notorious Evin prison.

Beheshti’s family heard no news of him until Wednesday, when they were phoned by prison officials asking them to collect his dead body from the Kahrizak coroner’s office. The opposition has accused Iranian officials of torturing the 35-year-old blogger to death.


How many times does it have to be said?  ‘Militant’ atheists are rude about the Pope: militant theists kill people.

  1. @corio37 – I was merely making a point – hospices in Australia are akin to torture, since assisted dying is not an option.

  2. corio37 permalink

    No, he was tortured to death in an Iranian prison. The people in Australian ‘hospices’ are neither bloggers nor dissidents, nor do they ‘disappear’ in police custody and turn up dead shortly thereafter. What’s more, since I’ve never suggested I support the Australian treatment of refugees — which I assume is what you are referring to — your comment misses the mark completely.

    Perhaps next time you should drop the attempt at sarcasm and simply say what is on your mind.

  3. Tortured to death? So he was shoved into an Australian hospice and left to die naturally?

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