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Pakistan: Pakistani Christians should stick together, right?

November 6, 2012


A Sunday service could not be arranged at the Church of Pakistan in Faisal Town this week after a fight between two groups on October 28. Three men were injured in the fight.

A case was registered against eight men for assault. Police said Priest David Asghar and his companions were attacked by Priest Iqbal Masih’s supporters when the former was holding a prayer service at the church.

Three men from Priest Asghar’s group were injured in the incident. He filed a case against Priest Iqbal Masih, Munir Aasi, Ulfat Masih, Javed Masih, Shafiq Masih, Arshad Mashih, Waqas Masih and Emanuel Masih. Khanewal District Police Officer has ordered an inquiry into the matter and directed Deputy Superintendent of Police Javed Khan to seal the church.

The Express Tribune

Just to show it’s not only Islamic fundamentalists who are crazy.


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