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US: God and Hurricane Sandy — yes, he DID it, he just didn’t MEAN it

November 2, 2012
What if God just wanted to go paddling?

What if God just wanted to go paddling?

As Hurricane Sandy barges through the northeastern U.S., what are people of faith to make of it? Is it a punishment from God, as some pastors have already declared? It it a test? Will everything be OK? Pastors, rabbis, imams and other clergy have been inundated with these kinds of questions and requests for prayers. The answers are complex, and vary among faiths.

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But they all have one thing in common: none of them make any sense.

“Nature is value-free,” said Kushner, a rabbi of the conservative Jewish tradition. “It can’t tell the role between the deserving the undeserving. God’s role is not to decide where the hurricane goes and how severe it is. God’s role is to motivate people to help neighbors and improve methods to predict hurricanes. God is found not in the problem, but in the resilience.”

See, God’s just a regular guy like you and me, except for knowing everything and being all-powerful.

And when in doubt, obfuscate:

Martin, the Catholic priest, said Christians should have a similar outlook. “Suffering is never the last word in the Christian world view. “There is no cross without resurrection.”


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