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Australia: No sign of an Arab Spring here…

October 21, 2012

…as a Muslim college kicks out a moderate reformist.

THE prominent Sydney Muslim community leader Keysar Trad has been ousted from running a Brisbane Islamic college, sparking student protests and fears the school will return to a more hardline approach.

The chairman of the Australian International Islamic College, Imam Abdul Quddoos Al-Azhari, returned from leave in India last month and asked Mr Trad to leave a term before his one-year contract as the school’s chief executive expired.

Parents and students believe Mr Trad, who is also a college trustee, was forced out because he introduced a more moderate style to the school in the imam’s absence. The P&C president, Ree Pirzada, said she was very disappointed Mr Trad has been asked to leave, because he was ”excellent for the school”.



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