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Pakistan: Taliban explains why it’s OK to shoot a fourteen-year-old girl in the head

October 17, 2012
"Fourteen-year-old girls, man, you know? THAT'S why they gave me a rifle!"

“Fourteen-year-old girls, man, you know? THAT’S why they gave me a rifle!”

“She used to propagate against mujahideen (holy warriors) to defame (the) Taliban. The Quran says that people propagating against Islam and Islamic forces would be killed…

“We did not attack her for raising voice for education. We targeted her for opposing mujahideen and their war,” said the Taliban. “Shariah (Islamic law) says that even a child can be killed if he is propagating against Islam.”


So that’s all right, then.

Can you even begin to imagine how absolutely pants-wettingly scared these men are? Of everything?

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  1. Carole permalink

    Yes, it’s true – fear breeds such hatred. Especially of women.

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