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UK: Why the conspiracy of silence about Jimmy Savile’s Catholicism?

October 16, 2012
Does this man look like a child molester to you? OK, don't answer that.

Does this man look like a child molester to you? OK, don’t answer that.

Oh, that’s why.

The puzzle, I repeat, is just why there has been such a universal silence about his faith, which must have been the real source of such a gigantic charitable commitment

… Why no mention that an important part of his life was attending daily Mass? You’d think that an obituarist would want to ask a simple question: where did all that come from? It’s almost as though they couldn’t bear to accept that the answer was his Catholicism: even that Catholicism itself could ever be the source of actual human goodness. — November 2011

…Eleven months ago, following the death of one of Catholicism’s creepiest kiddie-fiddlers, Dr William Oddie had a prolonged wail over the fact that the media had made no mention whatsoever that the late Sir Jimmy Savile was devout Catholic who attended Mass daily….

But now there’s no one on the planet who does not know that the serial abuser of girls was a devout Catholic, and cynically used his do-gooding religious persona to gain access to vulnerable victims – even in HOSPITALS!…

An even greater irony is that the Catholic Church, exposed time and again as a perfect sanctuary for perverts, is now muttering about stripping Savile of his papal knighthood, awarded to him in 1990. — October 2012


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