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Australia: Dead people are scumbags, says Archbishop

October 9, 2012
"Awful consequences await those who ignore God's command to 'Just shut up and die!"

“Awful consequences await those who ignore God’s command to ‘Just shut up and die!”

THE popularity of I Did It My Way as a funeral song shows a ”vulgar egotism” exists in society, the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Peter Jensen, says…

‘The last words come from friends and family, and their aim seems to be to build up the reputation of the dead person that all will believe how good a person he or she was,” he said. ”All seems designed to avoid the truth that the person is gone, that death is horrible, that bodies turn to dust, that the person has not one chance in hell of avoiding hell based on the quality of their lives.”

There will be a short break after Dr. Jensen’s speech while we wipe the foam off the lectern. But now the good news…

In his last presidential speech before retirement…


The Australian broadcaster Alan Jones was recently excoriated by the public for saying one rude thing about one dead person. Surely Jensen should be hounded out of his job for this level of insensitivity?


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