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US: Boy Scouts deny Eagle Scout status to gay atheist

October 7, 2012

Ryan Andresen was bullied and harassed as a gay teenager, and became an anti-bullying activist, and the Boy Scouts are anti-gay and his being gay may be one of the main reasons he is not being allowed to become an Eagle scout. But, he and his scout leader had already talked about his sexual orientation, and Ryan was told “We’ll get by the gay thing” when it came to his elevation the Eagle status. But, when the final forms were being filled out, Ryan refused to check off the box saying that he agreed to the principle of “Duty to God.”

Greg Laden’s Blog

Actually, when you think about it, doesn’t ‘boy scouts’ start to sound faintly sinister? ‘Boy scouts’. ‘Boy scouts’

Anyway, just sign the petition.


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