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UK: How to save the planet — burn forests!

September 26, 2012
The new power supply is expected to provide for up to three dozen householders, provided they snuggle.

The new power plant is expected to heat up to three dozen households, provided they all snuggle.

Er… what?

Drax Group Plc will spend $1 billion to turn the U.K.’s biggest coal-fired plant into western Europe’s largest clean- energy producer. The U.K. utility plans to convert one of the facility’s six units to burn wood pellets by June, Chief Executive Officer Dorothy Thompson said in an interview. Drax at a later date plans to switch over two more units to the fuel, investments that if completed would mean the facility harvests a forest four times the size of Rhode Island each year.


Funny how stupid rules always lead to unintended consequences, isn’t it? What happens when the wood runs out? UK householders, please put all your paper money in brown bags and form an orderly queue.


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