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France: Fools and their money…

September 25, 2012

A Frenchman went on trial yesterday for allegedly keeping an aristocratic family under his “mental spell” in their chateau and in Oxford for a decade and defrauding them of their $5.6 million fortune.

Thierry Tilly, whom prosecutors have called the “Leonardo da Vinci of mental manipulation”, is accused of convincing 11 members of the De Vedrines family that they were in mortal danger from a cabal of freemasons, a European secret society and paedophiles…

The court in Bordeaux heard that Mr Tilly used his “superior intelligence” to ingratiate himself with three generations of the family…

The family claims he brainwashed them into believing they were the lost descendants of an ancient society called “The Balance of the World”, and locked themselves into the family chateau in Monflanquin near Bordeaux. For five years, they barely left the castle, terrified they would be killed.


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….

In France, having ‘superior intelligence’ apparently means ‘having read The Da Vinci Code‘. Or possibly just being able to.


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