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UK: AGW alarmists: ugly and badly-dressed

September 17, 2012

According to Vivienne Westwood, anyway.

LONDON — Few designers could, or would, overshadow the models wearing their outfits. But Vivienne Westwood did just that Sunday, closing her show by walking down the catwalk wearing a ragged T-shirt, shorts and makeup that looked as if she had a giant black eye.

The Washington Post

Behind the firewall we apparently learn that

…Westwood said she has no interest in fashion and only uses it as a way to focus attention on the danger posed by climate change, which she predicted could cause humanity’s extinction within a single generation.

If I thought humanity would be extinct within a generation I’d try and do something more useful than designing clothes for skinny rich women. But don’t fear the thermal apocalypse — Vivienne has some nice sunglasses for you.


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