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Australia: Biblically inspired?

September 16, 2012
"Few parishioners realise that many so-called 'pedophile priests' are not priests at all, but shape-shifting aliens from outer space..."

“Few parishioners realise that many so-called ‘pedophile priests’ are not priests at all, but shape-shifting aliens from outer space…”

The Catholic Church produces another work of fiction.

THE archdiocese of Sydney has produced 100,000 booklets stating the Catholic Church’s position on sexual abuse, which several victims said has added to their trauma….

…Mr Shoebridge said the content of the booklet, which addresses how the Catholic Church deals with allegations of abuse, compounded the suffering of many victims, one of whom described it as ”a work of fiction”.

One victim said her experience of the church’s Towards Healing process, the national protocol that addresses complaints of sexual, emotional and physical abuse made against clergy, was completely different from the description in the booklet.

”Throughout the process, phone calls remained unanswered, I had to wait up to eight weeks to make an appointment, I was told ‘at some point I need to start to take some of the responsibility’ and further abhorrent, abusive things,” she said. ”The investigation was held up for much time due to the priest being permitted to take overseas trips to play golf. The investigation went on for 2½ years until my health completely failed and I could no longer go on. This is not putting victims first.”

Another victim took issue with the booklet’s claim that victims are not silenced, saying: ”This is a blatant lie as I was made to sign a document which silenced me and every other victim I know has had to [do this] as well.”



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