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Afghanistan: Ignorance + religion = outrage + murder

September 2, 2012

Most [murders] are attributable to personal disputes, rooted in the coalition’s failure to better educate its forces on the complexities of Afghan life and culture. Feda Wakil, head of recruiting for the Afghan National Police, told The Washington Post: ”[NATO troops] are not arriving with enough knowledge … they are learning from Afghans overseas who do not fully understand our culture.”

Every day is filled with slights for the Afghans – imagined and real. …

Attempting to explain the Afghan psychology, Afghan officers talk of the ease with which perfectly normal behaviour by foreigners is read as an offence against the ”sanctity” of their life and culture….

As the Afghan commander explained to Newsweek, even the simplest comment by a foreigner could lead to explosive misunderstandings. One of his men was so distraught when an American revealed he did not believe in God, that ”he quit the army within days, and gave his salary to poor local people”


If you don’t want people to laugh at your beliefs, then don’t hold laughable beliefs.


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