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Pakistan: Christians flee after mentally disabled girl charged with blasphemy

August 27, 2012

As many as 600 Christians have fled their colony bordering the capital, fearing for their lives, officials said, after a mob last week called for [a Christian] child to be burned to death as a blasphemer.

The girl, who authorities have described as mentally challenged, sits in jail in Rawalpindi, charged by police with blasphemy, while her family has been put in federal protective custody. The evidence against her is muddled at best, but police said they arrested her in part to assuage the mob and also because they knew she would be safer in jail.

“The one who burned the Koran should be burned,” said Shaukhat Ali, an assistant at the local mosque, expressing a sentiment shared by many Muslims in the community.

The Washington Post

Sorry, who is it that ought to be in jail again?

Update 2012/09/02: One of the girl’s accusers has been arrested for fabricating evidence. What a lovely lot of people these believers are!

Update 2012/09/05: Some good news — an Islamic cleric has come out in support of the accused girl.


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