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UK: Don’t they already DO that?

August 25, 2012
Pinocchio furthers the general understanding of AGW

Pinocchio furthers the general understanding of AGW

AGW alarmists to win prizes for writing fiction.

Two new bursaries for postgraduates wanting to study creative writing at UEA have been announced. The Corsair Bursary will be awarded annually, and has been created to enable someone to study for the MA Creative Writing (Prose Fiction).

The annual bursary, worth £5,000, is open to students undertaking the course who will be aged 25 or younger at the start of the academic year in which they begin their masters degree course at UEA….

The scholarship is open to all applicants to the Prose Fiction and Poetry strands of the MA, whose writing demonstrates a commitment to environmental themes, in particular to furthering the general understanding of the impact of climate

Watts Up With That?

“Furthering the general understanding of” now needs to go up alongside ‘terminological inexactitude’ and ‘economy with the truth’ as one of the great classic euphemisms for ‘telling lies about’.

“How did Tommy get off with that blonde?”
“He furthered her general understanding of his financial position.”
“He told her his dad ran BHP.”


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