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US: Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas

August 20, 2012

In a just-released Washington Post poll, members of the Tea Party came in as the lowest supporters of same-sex marriage by a huge margin. The poll overall finds that 53% of all adults (and 52% of registered voters) believe same-sex marriage should be “legal,” while 42% feel it should be “illegal,” maintaining the consistent response rate found by almost every major poll over the past few years, which find that the majority of Americans support extending civil marriage to same-sex couples….

While Democrats came in with 68% support for same-sex marriage, Independents with 57%, and Republicans with only 30%, a mere 6% of Tea Party members said they support same-sex marriage. No other group was close to that low support level. Even Republican religious values voters (along with pro-government conservatives) came in at 11%, almost twice the rate of Tea Party Republicans.

The New Civil Rights Movement

The US Republican party is providing us all with an object lesson in what happens when a political force seeks to embrace a particular religion. Every step that leads to the recruitment of a new fundamentalist leads to the loss of someone bright and well-informed enough to see that issues have two sides. Only the miserable showing of the almost equally dysfunctional Democrats conceals what a poor excuse for a political movement the Republicans have become. By now they can’t even field a credible Presidential candidate. Magic underpants, anyone?


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