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US: Homophobia + arson = a marriage made in Heaven

August 8, 2012
Portrait of a cereal offender

Portrait of a cereal offender

The gay marriage opponent seen in a viral video accidentally setting a fire outside the General Mills headquarters is a Minnesota real estate broker who has previously recorded a series of anti-gay YouTube clips…

Leisner announces that he is there to protest the company’s advocacy of gay marriage, a reference to the food conglomerate’s June announcement that it opposes a November ballot initiative banning such nuptials. “So we are going to torch some cereal,” Leisner  says, as cars can be heard zooming past on nearby Interstate 394.

But after Leisner torches the Cheerios box, he somehow allows flames to spread to the lawn in front of a giant General Mills sign. After trying–and failing–to stamp out the flames with his feet, Leisner tells two young companions, “Okay, get out of here guys.”

via The Smoking Lawn — sorry, Gun


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