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Belgium: Harassed by cretins? Totally your fault!

August 6, 2012

In a video message published on YouTube on Thursday, the fundamentalist group Sharia4Belgium launched a virulent attack on the film school student Sofie Peeters. Ms Peeters hit the headlines last week with her documentary ‘Femme de la rue’ (Woman of the street). ‘Femme de la rue’ chronicles the sexism and sexual harassment faced by many women in certain areas of Brussels as they try and go about their daily business.

The film shows how Ms Peeters is harassed as she walks around the Annessens area of Brussels city centre, where she used to live.

The film caused an outcry and both the city authorities in Brussels and the Interior Minister Joëlle Milquet (Francophone Christian democrat) say that they will take measures to help tackle the issue.

In Thursday’s video message Sharia4Belgium said of Ms Peeters that “She walks the streets half-naked and dresses like a cheap prostitute. She has painted her face like a clown. She has done all this to attract the attention of men.”

The fundamentalist group believes that Ms Peeters provoked the men in the film.

“Why do you think that women go about scantily-clad and with painted faces? It’s to get reactions from men.”

The ‘men’ that your God allegedly made with brains, dignity and self-control?


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