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Pakistan: 13-y-o-girl ‘exorcised’ to death

August 4, 2012

The report of an autopsy performed on Salma, 13, stated that she had died from suffocation. It said the girl’s breathing was hampered by blocking her nostrils with cotton buds and holding her mouth shut.

The autopsy, carried out at Cheechwatni tehsil headquarters (THQ) hospital, confirmed that her skin was burnt with a hot iron rod. The report said there were bruises on the girl’s arms, face and chest…

The police later registered a murder case against the pir identified in a complaint signed by girl’s father Manzoor Hussain…

Hussain said he had accepted the death as God’s will and not reported the matter to the police. He and his wife Khursheed Bibi had taken the girl to the pir ‘to evict djinns who had possessed her’.

He said a relative had referred her to the pir. “He told me that the pir was an expert in evicting djinns and did not charge anything for his services,” he said. 

The Express Tribune

Well, that’s a relief. Imagine how cheesed off you would be if you had to pay someone to kill your daughter for you. Especially if it was ‘God’s will’.


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