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UK: Christian private schools protect pedophile teacher

August 3, 2012
Wellington College -- a hands-on school

Wellington College — a hands-on school

This is all dreadfully familiar. The welfare of the abusing teacher and the reputation of the schools are prioritised ahead of the safety of the children in their care. At no point in all this did it ever occur to any of these highly qualified and even eminent gentlemen that a phone call to the police or social services might be in order, just in case they might be wrong to trust Roth. Instead, it was all handled in-house, Roth’s denials were believed over the allegations and he continued to have trusted access to children. If they were ever trained in child protection procedures, all the lessons must have been as water off a duck’s back to them. Sound safeguarding procedure is that you always report allegations to the authorities. But in twenty years, at two schools, they never did it.

Jonathan West — Confessions of a skeptic

And, yes, Wellington College is a Christian school, though you have to search the website fairly thoroughly before they let on. It’s almost as if they’re ashamed of it or something.


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