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US: AGW alarmism funded by bribes from Big Ice Cream

August 1, 2012
There! One for each tenth of a degree in the last 150 years!

There! One for each tenth of a degree in the last 150 years!

Hey kids, look! We can tell lies about the weather! Can you? Then Big Al Gore has some ice cream for you!

Climate Reality

Are you starting to feel the heat? Is it feeling different than just hot summer weather? Well, thanks to our warming climate, the heat is getting worse. Scientists have found that climate change is putting extreme heat on steroids — resulting in more record highs than ever before and making heat waves more severe.

To draw attention to this fact, we’ll be heading to Austin, Texas this week. Starting this Wednesday, August 1, come meet us at our traveling ice cream truck and help spread the word. We’ll be giving away free ice cream, cool gifts, and plenty of information about climate change.

When you get to the truck, all you need to do is write a quick tweet, Facebook post or foursquare check-in that tells us how the heat has been impacting you. Use the hashtag #ImTooHot. Then, because it really is too hot, join us for some ice cream. It’s that easy. And while you’re out and about in Austin, check out our freestanding wall mural, where you can add your own personalized message about how this heat is affecting you or your community.


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