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Australia: School remits its public funding to Islamic Council

July 31, 2012

Sydney Islamic school Malek Fahd has been forced to repay $9 million in NSW government funding because it was found to be transferring money to a Muslim organisation.

The NSW Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli has written to the school asking it to repay the money because it had breached requirements preventing it from operating for profit.

Mr Piccoli said the school did not receive services in return for money it gave to the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils.

“I have instructed the NSW Department of Education and Communities to terminate the school’s funding,” Mr Piccoli said… 

The school receives more than $1 million in annual funding for disadvantaged students through a five-year national partnership agreement between state and federal governments.


How much does a few copies of the Koran cost, anyway?

Update 2012-08-09: Money for the Islamic Council; no money for uniforms. What was that about priorities again?


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