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US: Vandals for God

July 23, 2012
Pass the paintbrush! I'll have that navel out in a jiffy!

Pass the paintbrush! I’ll have that navel out in a jiffy!

Reader Barry sent me two photos he took of a Park Service sign on Sheep Mountain Trail near Loveland, Colorado. The 60-million-year age of the Rocky Mountains has been altered to something more Biblically accurate:…

Lest you think creationist vandalism of park signs is limited to the U.S., take a gander at the email and photo sent me by reader David M. from Australia:

In relation to your WEIT post today, this is a defaced sign in Mt Taylor Reserve, which is only 6km south of Australia’s Parliament House in Canberra. The b4stards are everywhere. I had taken this photo last year.

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