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Saudi Arabia: It’s called ‘capitalism’, princess — deal with it!

June 4, 2012


A Saudi princess was caught trying to leave the Shangri-La hotel in Paris without settling a six million euro ($7.7 million) bill for her rooms, police said on Saturday, confirming a report in the daily Le Parisien.

Maha al-Sudani, the former wife of Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Nayef ben Abdel Aziz, tried to walk out at 3.30am on Thursday without paying for her suite and those of her 60-strong entourage, prompting staff to call in police, Le Parisien reported….

The princess has already had previous run-ins over unpaid bills. In 2009, fashion chain Key Largo went to court to obtain 89,000 euro owed by the princess…

Jamila Boushaba, who ran the O Caprices De Lili store, said she was told by a visiting envoy from the Saudi royal family in 2009 when she tried to claim a 70,000 euro bill from the princess, “I’m afraid we can’t go around settling bills for the princess’s knickers.”

Boushaba added: “When I called last one of her staff asked why I went to the media. I said it was to get my money. He replied: ‘What, you’ve caused all this trouble and you still want your money?”‘

“It was all a misunderstanding.” the princess later explained. “I said I was going to pay for the items, and they thought I was telling the truth. But I don’t understand — if they want money why don’t they just sink an oil well?”

Update: The Princess has had her assets seized.


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