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UK: Ready for your close-up, Mr de Botton!

May 19, 2012
"Wonderful boob job, darling, but why only one? -- No, sorry, that's Alain's head."

“Wonderful boob job, darling, but why only one? — No, sorry, that’s Alain’s head.”

Having failed in his attempt to persuade atheists to be nice people, professional self-publicist Alain de Botton now wants to be recognised as the human face of porn.

 The writer intends to meet with leaders in porn and the arts in order to bring about a better kind of pornography.

“Ideally, porn would excite our lust in contexts which also presented other, elevated sides of human nature – in which people were being witty, for instance, or showing kindness, or working hard or being clever – so that our sexual excitement could bleed into, and enhance our respect for these other elements of a good life.” he said.

“And if you can put me in touch with that flexible redhead with the tremendous norks, that would be better still.”


And do read the comments — they’re hilarious.

Update 2012-08-01: Through his tireless devotion to self-aggrandizement, de Botton has now spun a book out of this. It’s not an improvement.


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