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Central African Republic: Don’t annoy the Christian militia…

May 13, 2012
Black Jesus doesn't want to hear any of that 'love and peace' shit!

Black Jesus doesn’t want to hear any of that ‘love and peace’ shit!

…or you may end up in jail.


Mr Simpson, from the small village of Gillamoor, is languishing in a cell in Bangui – the capital of one of Africa’s wildest, most corrupt and least developed countries.

He had stumbled across a massacre, finding 18 bodies in the lawless south-east of the country, and reported it to the police. But to his horror, and that of his parents, it was Mr Simpson who was charged….

On March 23, Mr Simpson was exploring a remote area in a region thought to be run by the Lord’s Resistance Army.

The militia, headed by the self-styled messiah Joseph Kony, has terrorised Uganda, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo for 25 years, murdering thousands and abducting an estimated 20,000 children to serve as soldiers.

With his African colleagues, Mr Simpson was looking for signs of wildlife. Instead they found the remains of 18 villagers who had been tortured with boiling water and hacked to death with machetes….

The men went to get the police. But they were dismayed when officials took one photograph on a mobile phone and left. The situation took a dangerous turn when the military then told local people that the safari company had killed their men.

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