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Azerbaijan: Islamic Outrage Factory finds new source of raw material

April 15, 2012

…The Eurovision Song Contest!?


Religious extremists have claimed responsibility for recent attempts to commit terrorist attacks in Ganca and some other cities and regions of Azerbaijan and threatened to attack participants in the Eurovision Song Contest to take place in Baku in May 2012…

A number of media reported that Padarov had blown himself up along with a lieutenant-colonel of the Azeri National Security Ministry when security forces started storming an apartment in a house in Ganca where the gunmen were hiding….

“Eurovision is a nightmare for all Muslims. The forces of the Devil, perverts and homosexuals from across the world should not think that they can so easily come to the land on which blood of faithful Muslims was shed and behave any way they want. They will certainly be attacked,” the author says….

The group members in Ganca offered armed resistance to law enforcement officers, and therefore one terrorist was killed, one more injured, and two detained, the ministry said. A National Security Ministry lieutenant-colonel was also killed and three other officers wounded in the operation in Ganca, it said.

To honour the dead lieutenant-colonel, the UK has announced it will submit a special song for the contest: “Rat-a-tat-a-tat”.

The bullets are flying!
Brave soldiers are dying!
A terrorist bomb attack nearly killed one of my nieces!
Oh, why can’t we live in peace,
Instead of dying in pieces?”

Our prediction? UK — Nil.


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