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Indonesia: God sends disasters to prepare us…

April 14, 2012

… for when God sends more disasters.


Like many, Acehnese man Rizni Aulia’s suffering from the 2004 tsunami was profound. Of his family, only he and his wife survived the wave. Together they watched from the second storey of their house as their three-year-old daughter and many other family members drowned outside, trapped in the family car.

The horror of that day came alive again on Wednesday as an earthquake shook the region, prompting fears of another deadly wave .

Mr Rizni, like thousands of other Acehnese, took refuge at the mosque. ”Some people went to the mosque because it is quite high, 16 metres,” Mr Rizni, 32, said yesterday. ”But it’s true that during the afternoon and the evening prayers, they all prayed, through all the aftershocks, they stayed there, some praying, some reading the Koran, all the mothers looking after the children.”

In Islam, he believes, natural disasters are ”little doomsdays”.

”It’s about warnings from God to his people about the mistakes they have committed, the wrongdoing they have committed,” he said.

That three-year-old girl must have been a real little bitch.


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