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Australia: Steiner School student fails reincarnation, has to repeat former life

November 24, 2011
Steiner Schools International Headquarters had no comment at this time

Steiner Schools International Headquarters had no comment at this time

The Age

The Education Department no longer considered it ”in the best interests of student learning” to run a Steiner and mainstream curriculum at Footscray City Primary, the letter said. A new principal, Steve Warner, was appointed and the school council given a week to give reasons why it should not be sacked…

The Steiner system is based on the teachings of 20th-century Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner, who believed a curriculum should be responsive to the stages of a child’s development. In most Steiner schools worldwide, children do not start reading until about the age of seven, when their adult teeth emerge, and television and computers are discouraged in the early years. This has been modified in Victorian government schools to align Steiner with the mandated state curriculum….

There is also a strong spiritual element, with students reciting verses several times a day. While these verses may contain words like God or angel, they are spiritual rather than religious, according to Steiner Education Australia chief executive Tracey Puckeridge. She says children are taught about a range of world religions but there is no indoctrination in any one….

The immediate past president of the Victorian Council of School Organisations, Jacinta Cashen, believes it should not be part of the state system. She says Steiner schools are neither secular nor free – two cornerstones of public education – because they recite blessings and impose fees for activities such as music lessons and special materials like beeswax crayons….

Information about Steiner provided to Footscray City Primary at the time, according to the report, had said: ”Early intellectual awakening can result in the weakening of a child’s vital forces, manifesting in colds or other illnesses.”

More controversy erupted when a parent, Ray Pereira, was told by a Steiner teacher his son should repeat prep because his soul was not fully reincarnated. ”The evidence for this was presented in the form of a drawing which showed his soul hovering … apparently looking down on the Earth,” Pereira told ABC TV. …

The mainstream children were also expected to attend religious plays performed by the Steiner pupils. ”This was a government school and there were all sorts of creepy, weird things going on. The thing about Steiner is it is not just about education, it’s about lifestyle. Steiner is overtly religious and spiritual … there is still no proper investigation into what the hell Steiner is doing in government schools.”

Why Johnny can’t read? His teeth haven’t come in yet.

Your taxes at work…


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