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US: Yet another Catholic priest charged with child abuse

October 19, 2011

Sexual abuse is the accusation in a lawsuit against a former director of Sabattis Adventure Camp in Long Lake, operated by Boy Scouts of America.

The lawsuit alleges that John Capparelli, a Roman Catholic priest, would have campers and camp staffers wrestle one another while wearing Speedo bathing suits.

He would photograph the wrestling matches and sometimes take part in the wrestling, and touched the chests, genitals and buttocks of plaintiff Andrew Dundorf and other minor boys, according to the lawsuit.

The complaint also alleges that Capparelli invited Dundorf to sleep with him in his living quarters.

Welcome to justice, Father. Please join the ever-lengthening queue.

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  1. Joel permalink

    This is a shocking revelation to me. I was a loyal fan of NHB-Battle & enjoyed watching/ordering wrestling videos. I thought the matches were first class & professionally fought. I was devastated when the website closed down. John claimed he was moving on to different things. We conversed via email, even though I’m on the other side of the world. Browsing the Internet brought me to this site where accusations appear to reveal an alternative reason for NHB closing down. I never noticed anything sinister & untoward on any of the 100 plus videos I purchased from John. The wrestlers didn’t seem to be disturbed about fighting/filming on a commercial website. My favourite wrestler, Max Anderson, spoke highly of John. I also conversed with Max via email. I’m a Roman Catholic. I only hope that John was genuinely recording these wrestling matches for the love of the sport & not as a fetish. I don’t want to jump to conclusions until claims have either been substantiated or dismissed concerning John. Regarding my opinion on NHB-Battle, I’m glad & thank John for all the videos I received. Whatever sins he may have committed in the 80s, will always remain a fantastic website for me.

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