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US: Give the codes for launching World War III to a man who wears magic underpants?

October 13, 2011
And Moroni said: "Dude, on you they look great!"

And Moroni said: “Dude, on you they look great!”

Sure, why not?

The Atlantic.

But it’s worth saying something that often gets skipped past in the political handicapping. To be against Mitt Romney (or Jon Huntsman or Harry Reid or Orrin Hatch) because of his religion is just plain bigotry.

But to be against Mitt Romney because he actually believes an angel of the lord revealed gold plates containing the scriptures to a small-time New York conman in 1822 is just plain common sense. And to be against Mitt Romney if you think he only pretends to believe the same nonsense is an obvious reflection on a duplicitious character.

How is a man who believes (or pretends to believe) in fairy stories going to make sense of the real world of the 21st century?

It’s like asking three years ago whether America was “ready” for a black president. Or whether we’re “ready” for a Hispanic, female, Jewish, Asian, Muslim, atheist, gay, unmarried, overweight, etc President.

OK; is the US ready for a President who wears sacred underpants?

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