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Iranian refugees, tell the truth! No, not THAT truth, the other truth!

March 24, 2011

Iran Human Rights.

According to reports that reliable sources have given to Iran Human Rights (IHR), an Iranian Kurdish asylum seeker who was extradited from Norway to Iran on February 9th 2011, is in danger of torture, ill-treatment or even death at Tehran’s Evin prison.

On extradition of Iranian asylum seekers to Iran, Amiry-Moghaddam said:” Iranian authorities have recently signalized that Iranians who have sought asylum abroad should be charged for “dissemination of false propaganda against the Islamic Republic of Iran” and punished for that. This means that seeking asylum by itself could be a reason for the Iranian authorities to subject the asylum seekers who are extradited to Iran, to persecution, imprisonment and ill-treatment.

So anyone can apply to leave Iran, provided they acknowledge that it’s so wonderful there that only a mad person would ever want to leave. How’s the Persian translation of Catch-22 been selling lately?


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